[MID-SIZE] [LARGE] Solar Powered Light - Waterproof Security Lights - Industrial Strength (2000 Lumen)

$84.95 USD $119.95 USD
  • 2,000 Lumen Super Bright Solar Flood Light. 20 Watts of LED floodlight power. Ability to brighten up a Barn, Shed, Room, Backyard and parking area.
  • Special design for In-door and Out-door usage and IP65 rating compliant, with multi settings based on sunlight conditions. With IP65 Rating without a Motion Senor. Multi stage light intensity adjustment to fit your needs for Room or Barn light, On/Off with remote control, timer, power (juice) 3 step indicator.
  • You can detach the light from the 12 foot cord to the solar panel and use it anywhere you want at night, it has several hours it can be used without the solar panel connect. This is great for camping, inside tents, beach parties, BBQ's at night, out on boats..anywhere you need lighting!
  • Big advanced Li-ion Polymer Battery Generation 2.0 with 30%-50% more power 8,000mAh = 4 x 2,000mAh Grade A Rechargeable LONG LIFE BATTERY, has the power to stay on longer and run for years and years as long as it gets enough juice from the Sun. Lithium Ion Battery for best performance.

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