2-Pack Solar Lights - Security Lights, Motion Sensor Light - 1000 Lumens & 20 LED Each, Wireless & Waterproof for Yard, Garage, Deck, Pathway, Porch, Boat Deck

$26.95 USD $37.99 USD
  • Enhanced Illumination ◾ LED Rechargeable Lights contain 20 LEDs each supplying a 'cool white' 4000K Light that is perfect for Home & Commercial use for security or decorative purpose. Small design with light bright, designed for use as Front Door Decor / Back Door Security, backyard lights, or patio /deck lights.
  • Motion Sensor ◾ Outdoor solar motion lights are equipped with state state of the art 2nd gen PIR Sensor triggered by movements from humans, animals or objects like cars or bicycles. Detects movement up 25-33 ft in a 120° detection angle.
  • IP65 Weatherproof ◾ BK outdoor lighting products are build from a special Thermal Conductive Plastic body to withstand cold or hot weather - As long as there is DAYLIGHT it will work as described. Efficient Solar Powered Light charges in the daytime and lights dusk until dawn.
  • Multi-Purpose Use ◾ Adjustable 45° installation bracket to aim bright light in any direction to satisfy any setting. Installation HEIGHT can be anywhere from 3-10 feet as desired. Unlike others, this design is a versatile one with perfect angles to give the area a majestic look when placed in order.
  • Install in Minutes ◾ Comes boxed with either 2 screws, 3mm double sided-tape or cable ties for sensitive hidden area. We are pleased to serve in any way, if you have any questions you're welcome to reach out regarding our products.

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