Dish Drying Mat - Set of 3 Microfiber 18-by-16 Supper Absorbent Drying Mats

$14.95 USD $28.95 USD
  • Revolutionary Method To Dry & Protect Delicate Dishes And Countertops. Perfect For Use After Dishes Removed From Dishwashers Or Hand-washing.
  • Designed as an Over-The-Sink Mat or to Replace your Dish Drying Rack.
  • Durable High Quality Microfiber Wrapped Around Thin-layer Foam that Holds 4 Times its Weight in Water.
  • Reversible, It Can Be Used to Dry Washed Fruits, Vegetables and also To Defrost Frozen Items.
  • Fold-able for Stress-Free Storage. Comes in 3 Colors - Black, Beige & Gray Colors to match any Countertop.

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